In 1958, came the introduction of the MEL series engines. These were some of the largest and heaviest V8 engines Ford had ever built.

383 cubic inch

  • Developed for the Mercury line of vehicles.
  • Bore and stroke of 4.30 X 3.30 inches.
  • Had a two year history starting in 1958 and lasting till 1960
  • Most of these engines in the two years were known as the Marauder
  • The Mercury Marauder engines of 1958 came with either 312 horsepower or 330 horsepower, both packed with a four barrel carburator.
  • In 1959, the Marauder engine was considered a mid range of its’ predecessor with a stock horsepower of 322.
  • In its’ last year, the 383 cubic inch Marauder was dropped to 280 horsepower.

410 cubic inch

  • Less common of the MEL series is the 410 cubic inch
  • Bore and Stroke of 4.20 X 3.70
  • 10.5.1 compression
  • Holley four-barrel carb and hydraulic lifters.
  • 475 pounds of foot torque
  • Also be reffered to as the E-475 engine.
  • In 1958, Edsel Corsair and Citation models used the 410 cubic inch as their only preference for engine types.

430 cubic inch

  • commonly referred to as the Bulldozer of the MEL series and lasted from 1958 to 1965
  • In its’ “suped up” version, the 430 was commonly referred to as the Super Marauder and came with three two barrel carburators.
  • bore and stroke of 4.29 X 3.7 inches
  • Compression rations started at 10.5.1 but soon began to decline late in 1959 to 10.0.1 at 350 horsepower.
  • The higher horsepower versions of the 430 remained within its first year of production with horsepower of 365, 375 and of course 400.
  • In 1959 the horsepower slowly began to reduce, yet hold a moderate 345 ponies even with a slightly less compression ratio of 10.0.1.
  • In 1960, the big 430 cubic inch used a milder camshaft, producing 315 horsepower.
  • 1963 when the 430 got an overhaul with new pistons and a four barrel carb, pushing compression to 10.1.1 and a horsepower rating of about 345.
  • It could be found in the 1958 Lincoln Continental Convertible, rating 400 horsepower and nearly 500 foot pounds of torque.
  • Mercury also used the 430 cubic inch until 1960.

462 cubic inch

  • By 1966, it replaced its’ predecessor the 430.
  • bore and stroke of 4.38 X 3.83 inches.
  • hydraulic lifters and a four barrel carb.
  • the 462 was used for its’ smoothness in large passenger vehicles.
  • It lasted for only two years.